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flat panel display & video wall

The fast moving market of LCD and Flat panel displays over the last decade has led to a comprehensive range of technologies to put your message across and engage and communicate with your target audience like never before. These displays are ideal for meeting rooms and corporate board rooms, public areas such as retail outlets, reception areas and waiting rooms.  With manufacturers such as Panasonic, NEC, LG, Samsung and Sony and a range of sizes from 15in to 103in it’s only your imagination that will limit your ideas in communication.  Display IT has supplied and installed LCD screens, interactive displays and video walls for a myriad of uses including NHS Health Centres/Surgeries, Hospital ward/patient management, boardroom presentation and wayfinding in retail centres and public spaces.  Exceptional image quality (full HD) and a variety of connection options plus built in computers, interfaces and extenders allow the end user to build a solution to tailor their needs.

To view Phillips Interactive Falt Screen PDF CLICK HERE